Interior Disposable Box Dehumidifiers

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Product description
  • NO MORE MOULD: Absorb excess moisture from the air to keep your space fresh & dry. Whether you're dealing with a damp basement, a musty closet, or a humid bathroom, our moisture eliminator can help. They're perfect for use in any room where excess moisture is a problem.
  • 💠 HYDROPHILIC CRYSTAL TECHNOLOGY: The hydrophilic crystals inside our dehumidifiers are uniquely designed to absorb excess moisture from the air allowing clean, fresh & healthy living environments.
  • 💡 HOW TO USE: Our moisture absorber tubs are designed to be user-friendly & hassle-free. Simply remove the lid & place the absorber in the area you want to dry out.
  • 💫 WHERE TO USE: Our customers use a damp absorber box anywhere in the home, caravans, garage, loft, office, kitchen, even your car, cupboard, window, or fridge!
  • ✔️ INCLUDED IN THE PACK: Our multipack of condensation absorber pots contains 65 packs of 500mls. Each is designed t